Monday, July 25, 2005

Vegan Marathon Runner wins 135-Mile Marathon

vegan marathon runner Scott Jurek

Seattle man amazes everyone in 135-mile marathon--including himself: "On July 12, in 24 hours, 36 minutes and eight seconds, the Seattle man won the Badwater, one of ultrarunning's toughest events. Before the California race, Jurek had never run more than 90 minutes on pavement. Nor had he trained for the intense desert heat, except for arriving a week early to the Death Valley start area. And, he'd just come off of winning another world-class ultramarathon two weeks earlier -- barely any recovery time between two colossally demanding endurance feats."

For food, Jurek, a vegan, ate energy bars and gels, potatoes and rice balls, chased by soy protein drinks and electrolyte capsules. He consumed 60-120 calories every 20-30 minutes, mostly on the run.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Donald Watson - Vegan Society Founder

donald Watson- Founder of The Vegan Society

Donald Watson formed the word vegan from the begining and end of "vegetarian" and founded The Vegan Society in November 1944.

Donald Watson - Vegan Society Founder:

Interview with Donald Watson founder and patron of The Vegan Society by Vegan Society Trustee and Author of The Vegan Passport George D. Rodger on 15 December 2002. First published in The Vegan Summer 2003 Edition. This extract from

"Q: What do you think of the way the Vegan Society has developed since you were running it?
A: Better than expected, certainly. The genie is now out of the bottle and no one can ever put it back to the ignorant days before 1944, when this seed was planted by people full of hope. Now wherever Man lives he can have a vegan diet. All the early work was done by volunteers. In a way, everyone the Society has ever paid to do the office work have all been volunteers. Even our Chief Executive is on a wage at the very bottom of anything that is paid in the commercial sector. Because we can afford nothing more. So the Vegan Society has always, in that sense, been supported by voluntary labour. And we're enormously grateful to these people because heaven knows what would happen if they all packed in. "

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