Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Brian May Queen SAVE ME

SAVE ME 2010 | News - The First SAVE-ME Billboard

Dr Brian May from Queen has dipped deep into his pockets to fill the void left by gagged voicesof charities powerless to act politically and speak up against the Conservatives who plan to reintroduce Fox hunting with dogs despite hours of parliamentary debate and a majority introducing a ban.

well done dude! You are a champion my friend!

A poster has gone up in London and you can download your own poster from the Save Me Website  SAVE ME

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Celebrity Song for Meat Free Monday

PM Gordon Brown Meat Free Monday Plans to Woo Green Voters

It could be that Simon Cowell's plans to make a Meat Free Monday duet with Leona Lewis and Sir Paul McCartney from the Beatles Classic ' all you need is love' could change the face of the looming UK election.

Some fans have fantisised about the vegetarian vampires from Twighlight getting involved aswell.

If as hinted Virgin's Sir Richard Branson and Apple iphone founder Steve Jobs get involved too it's sure to go viral.

Sir Richard Branson said recently "I love eating meat, but I love our planet even more, so I have joined Sir Paul McCartney's Meat Free Monday campaign and stopped eating meat at least one day a week."