Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vegan Fashion: LA Times, Chicago

Vaute Couture in the LA Times - Jeanne Mai-ly Hilgart

Vegan Fashion

My kinda Town - Chicago. A Ford model (and that is 'fashion" not "Transit van") turned vegan fashion designer. This girl's the real deal, not just a celebrity cashing in on merchandising.

Jeanne Mai-ly Hilgart, founder of Vaute Couture, Inc., trying to raise money for animals since she was 8, and sick of being cold and un-fabulous for the six months in Chicago they call winter ...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Lush Prove it's the Hunters That are Extremists

Cosmetics company is attacked by vandals after launching anti-fox hunting campaign | Mail Online

Vegan Heroes Lush Cosmetics have coaxed the blood sports hunters out of the woods and revealed them to be the sick individuals they actually are.
It's the hunters who are the extremists, the violent minority, the social misfits.

The hunt sabs risk their, property, their safety and their social lives, discussing the latest recipes for vegan chocolate cake at 4.30 in the morning as they heroically set off to lay false sent trails to thwart the hunters quest for enjoyment in bloody entrails.

The selfish bullies who think it's fun to see a fox torn apart by a pack of hounds think nothing of writing obscenities on high street windows with a kebab and kicking over shop displays.

Like their supporters in the double house with duck pond Tory party they think they are above the law.

Whilst the blood sport enthusiasts and Country Side Alliance Lobbyists can abuse the law, some of my very peaceful hunt sab friends got followed by a helicopter and falsely arrested, fortunately they are not above the law.

Lush Fox Hunting Campaign

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Incy vegetarian spider is a scientific first - Times Online

Incy vegetarian spider is a scientific first - Times Online

a vegan spider! Hurrah for nature!

Name: B kiplingi
Species: Spider
Size: Thumbnail
Diet: leaf buds of wild acacia plants
Found: Mexico
Young: reared in a nest

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Alicia Silverstone Messing with nature on MTV

Alicia Silverstone Brings The Vegan Message To The MTV Newsroom » MTV Newsroom

Alicia Silverstone is messing with nature

Eating meat is natures way of natural selection - killing off the people too selfish and too stupid to see that the modern meat based diet is not only killing themselves it's killing the planet.

Nature has dished out heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis , osteoporosis, Altzhiemers, stroke and constipation to meat eaters for a reason.

Don't mess with nature's way Alicia, leave the meat eaters to their burgers!

Nature knows best - survival of the fittest - make way for the homo-superior

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


YASUS AFARI will be appearring at The World Vegan Day celebration in Fairfield Halls Sunday 1st November

(Garden of Creation) YASUS AFARI ©

The earth is the garden of creation
Purposefully clothed with lush, green vegetation.
Firm enough to prevent critical soil erosion,
All elements working in union,
For natural joy and satisfaction.
The earth is a friend, we are the friends of the earth
The cyclic function of the earth’s ecology is no mystery.
Like the organs of the human body,
Each working in perfect harmony,
In this our environmental community,
of which the guardians and keepers,
are the children of humanity.
The earth is a friend, we are the friends of the earth
The rivers, like blood streams flowing into the oceans
Returning secretly to the fleshy bowels of earth’s creation
Evaporating to the atmospheric breath of life
Sun, moon and stars
Solid, liquid and gas
Land, sea and air
Flesh, blood and spirit.
The earth is a friend, we are the friends of the earth
Like the lungs of man
The trees breathe to keep the earth alive
Yeah! The Sun, like a devoted Father
Working from sunrise until sunset
And the Moon, like a loving Mother
Working from dusk until dawn
Shining with the sweet embrace of her children, the stars
The earth is a friend, we are the friends of the earth
If we protect the earth,
Then, the earth will protect us
Clothe, feed and shelter us.
The earth is the garden of creation.
If we keep the earth alive
Then we will stay alive,
The earth will keep us alive.
The earth is our friend,
We are the friends of the earth

Monday, October 05, 2009

Heather Mills Vegan Food for Kids

Heather Mills goes back to blonde as she hands out her vegan food for free | Mail Online

The Daily Mail witter on about Heather Mills' changing hairstyles from the obligatory straight long blonde rich guys' wife haircut to , platinum pixie, to an Autumnal Anne Robinson back to blonde, but a good plug about vegan food for kids and her V-bites restaurant in Hove.

Heather is allegedly trying to get on the stars in your ice show 'Dancing on Ice' lets hope her true personality manages to shine through during that.

Heather was back in New York giving out free vegan food to New Yorks financially and nutritionally challenged kids.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Vegan Mofo III: Public Feed Info

Cake Maker to the Stars: Vegan Mofo III: Public Feed Info

Thanks to Kitee Cake Maker to the Stars Blogger for turning a good idea into a twittering glittering blogtastic idea.

More delicious vegan ideas than you could shake a hemp fibre stick at!

Go Girl! VEGAN MOFO 3 2009 is just Rock'n'Roll' with cookies

An awesome warm up act for World Vegan Day