Monday, July 19, 2010

CAMELICIOUS:. Healthy Camel Milk?


Dubai is apparently about to try not to flog us a dead horse but flog us healthy camel milk.

Apparently it has half the fat of normal cows milk, up to 5 times the amount of vitamin C and more unsaturated fatty acids than cow's milk too.

The Arab Emirates company also claim it's much more digestible than normal milk and suitable for people with lactose intolerance.

Apart from the allergenic benefits it is also alleged to be free from some of the other problems that cows miolk is linked to such as aggravating ( some say cause) Chrone's disease, diabetes, rheumatoid and osteo arthritis

Camelicious also claim it's good for babies being much more similar to human breast milk than cow's milk but considering the UK and EU wouldn't even accept Goats milk Dubai are going to struggle to get Camel milk past the food industry controlled food police.

London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston says "Is it healthier than normal cow's milk? - Probably! It would have to try hard not to be! There are bottles of water out there that are better for you than normal cows milk. Cow's milk is essentially saturated animal fat, sugar (lactose) , animal protein and water - there are many better forms of protein, fat, carbohydrates and water for sale than normal cow's milk.

Does it taste nice? I'm not tempted to find out and I worry about the poor baby camels what are they drinking instead? Cow's milk? Poor things! "

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Interview: Benjamin Zephaniah Vegan

Interview: Benjamin Zephaniah | Life and style | The Observer:

Benjamin Zephaniah in the Observer (again) The Vegan Poet admits he's a chocoholic and that he's never cooked for his mum. She thought Zephaniah's veganism would be just a 'phase'

Benjamin says he's never been tempted to eat non vegan food

Monday, July 05, 2010

YouTube - Russell Brand: Scandalous

YouTube - Russell Brand: Scandalous:

Vegetarian Russell Brand Live at London's O2 arena with 17,000 fans

Admits he's done a lot worse than leave rude messages on Andrew Sachs's answer machine such as blasphemously insult the US President in front of a bunch of American right wing Billionaires.

Heather Mills shows off hair-raising new look as she celebrates anniversary of her vegan restaurant | Mail Online

Heather Mills shows off hair-raising new look as she celebrates anniversary of her vegan restaurant | Mail Online:

Happy Birthday to Heather Mills's Vegan Vegetarian Cafe in Hove near Brighton - V- Bites.

Heather resisted the temptation to get legless on her businesses first birthday running here there and everywhere making sure everyone had a great time in the Sussex sunshine by the seaside.

If you haven't been yet make sure you make the most of the great british summer and the Brighton seaside town - the cafe is just along the beach from the Brighton now derelict old 2nd pier in Hove in a lovely setting for families with a kids play ground right on the doorstep, the lagoon and the shore.

Make sure you are hungry as there are fantastic vegan cakes you won't want to miss, that drift past you temptingly on a YO Sushi! style conveyor belt. They are as good as they look and you wouldn't know they are vegan to taste or look at them.