Saturday, January 09, 2010

Dancing On Ice: Heather Mills

Dancing On Ice: Heather Mills reveals she turned down £350,000 to go on Celebrity Big Brother -

Is Perez Hilton the biggest hypocrite on the planet? What a jealous moron! Clearly he wants to be a glittering dancing queen but doesn't have the talent or the gumption needed to match up to Heather Mills.

No brain Perez Hilton the saddo who changed his name from Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr to Perez Hilton to suck up to Paris ' no knickers amateur porn queen' Hilton said on his blog that Heather Mills is "still desperate for attention- an inspiration to NO ONE"

Yeah right! Has Perez Hilton - (the most difficult thing he has ever done is fill in the forms to change his name in a pathetic attempt to sound like someone who was rich and famous) even the right to comment on a disabled, single parent who spends her every waking hour fighting to make the world a more ethical, sustainable place and help people and charities on a range of issues from landmines, disabilities and depression through to animal welfare and the environment.

The only thing Perez Hilton fights for is his own ego - what a pathetic, self absorbed, brainless hypocrite he is to accuse Heather Mills of being desperate for attention - is there anyone on the planet more desperate for attention than Perez Hilton? answers on a postcard please (or below)