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4 Deaths: 4 Famous Vegetarian and Vegans Die

2005 was a sad year for vegetarians and vegans as 4 of the founding members and history changing pioneers of the vegan movement have died in the last 12 months.

2005 finished as it started with the sad death of a leading light of veganism.

Arthur Ling the man who gave us soya milk and vegan chocolate and an early president of The Vegan Society died at the begining of the year.

As 2005 drew to close Donald Watson inventer of the word Vegan and founder of The Vegan Society in 1944 sadly died too.

Neville Hall, who died on 6th December 2004 aged 94, was a former President of The Vegetarian Society, and was instrumental in the creation of the Society through the amalgamation of the London and Manchester Societies in 1969. For over 30 years he was President and Chairman of Homes for Elderly Vegetarians, now known as the Vegetarian Housing Association, which offers accommodation to elderly vegetarians and vegans in its sheltered homes in Hastings and Colwyn Bay. Neville was also a founder member of the Humane Research Trust - a charity which seeks alternatives to the use of animals in medical research.

Arthur Ling, who died on 18th January 2005 aged 85, became a vegan at the age of seven and went on to become President and an Honorary Patron of The Vegan Society. Founder of Plamil Foods Limited, the first British company to manufacture ‘soya milk’, and pioneer of vegan chocolate and non-dairy egg-free mayonnaise. In the late 1980s Plamil organised two half-marathon races for vegetarians and vegans to highlight vegan fitness. Arthur took a particular interest in the health of vegan infants and children, and Plamil’s Vegan Infants Case Histories booklet gave valuable reassurance to parents wishing to rear their children on a vegan diet

Maxwell Lee, who died on 3rd March 2005 aged 73, served the vegetarian movement for more than 50 years, holding senior positions within The Vegetarian Society, the European Vegetarian Union and the International Vegetarian Union during that time. He was an outstanding ambassador for vegetarianism, taking the vegetarian message worldwide through speaking tours and international conferences. At the time of his death he was still active on the Council of The Vegetarian Society and a trustee of The Vegetarian Charity - a trust providing grants to young people to promote vegetarianism.

Donald Watson, who died on 16th November 2005 aged 95, invented the word vegan at a dance with his wife Dorothy, “from the beginning and end of vegetarian”, and founded The Vegan Society in November 1944. He said recently that whenever he died, be it next week, next month, or next, year they should get the flags out as “I will have made it”. Driven by awe and admiration for creation and nature, all of his predictions from 60 years ago came true. Despite a weak heart he proved all his critics wrong by living fit, well and strong until a few weeks before his death without medical intervention. On reading his early diaries recently he reflected with satisfaction that his views had remained the same and his basic instincts were right. For his 95th birthday Donald spoke to millions of people via the BBC World Service.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


world's oldest, longest living, vegan on record on the planet and still alive is 175 years old, world record oldest on planet EXCLUSIVE: THE OLDEST CREATURE ON EARTH
She was hatched when Queen Victoria was still a teenager she's now 175 years old - By Clare Raymond

HER skin is wrinkled and she's carrying a few extra pounds, but there's still a twinkle in the old girl's eyes.

In fact she's in uncommonly good shape for someone who was born before Victoria came to the throne.

Harriet, a giant (vegetarian) Galapagos Land tortoise and the world's oldest living creature, celebrates her 175th birthday.

Whilst animal research is not a good way to determine effects on humans it's still a good example of the potential benefits of a vegan / vegetarian diets.

Harriet dines on a diet of aubergines, courgettes, string beans, parsley, squash, endives, carrots, tomatoes, bok choi and her favourite morning treat - pink hibiscus flowers.

While Harriet is currently the oldest living being on earth, she isn't the oldest living animal ever.

According to the Guinness Book Of World Records, a Madagascar radiated tortoise called Tui Malila presented to the Tongan royal family by Captain James Cook in the late 1700s, was either 188 or 192 when it died in 1965.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Vegan Heather Small in the Olympics

Heather Small representing UK in the olympics

ITV Heather Small: "Heather Small has been responsible for some of the iconic tunes of the last decade. But with her single, Proud, she captured the essence of the London Olympic bid. We chatted to her about the release of the single."

What inspired you to re-release Proud?

Well, when we won the Olympic bid, the retailers called the record label to say that they thought we should release the single. I wasn’t too sure about it, but I was told that you shouldn’t argue with the retailers so I went along with it.

So how did you get involved with the Olympic bid?

The Olympic team called my manager and asked if I wanted to get involved. They told me that the song captured the spirit of the Olympic, which was really flattering. And I thought if this helps with the bid, then why not? Then I saw the video and the visuals. Because the song is five years old, I didn’t really know what to expect, but with the video it just looked fresh.

Would you like to perform Proud at the opening ceremony?

If I was asked, then I’d love to do it. I remember when I was standing at Trafalgar Square waiting for the decision. It was a really great day and the atmosphere was fantastic.

But when I was standing there, I tried to be very British about the whole thing. I thought that if we got it, we got it, if we didn’t, we didn’t. We’re so used to losing in this country that I wasn’t sure we’d win. Then the guy said ‘London’ and the Square went mad.

What was it like being there?

It was fantastic. It was something that I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.

More (ITN Interview) - Heather Small - More 100 greats - Heather Small Pride of Manchester- Proud - Lyrics

Olympics 2012 London


heather mills Mccartney official website and contacts


Celebrity HEATHER MILLS McCARTNEY is so inspired by her music star husband SIR PAUL McCARTNEY's devotion to vegetarianism and animal rights, she's planning to maybe go one step further by becoming Vegan.

The former model is so concerned about the animal kingdom, she plans to forgo all dairy products as well as meat in her quest to improve the planet.

She explains, "It's only since I met Paul that I really got to understand how vegetarianism not only benefits your health but also makes a huge difference to the planet and to feeding the world.

"I could never go back to eating meat or fish and I'm moving towards being vegan. When I crack an egg now, I think, 'Could that have been a baby?'"

(Or - how many useless male chicks were gassed or crushed to put that egg on your plate Heather?)

Monday, July 25, 2005

Vegan Marathon Runner wins 135-Mile Marathon

vegan marathon runner Scott Jurek

Seattle man amazes everyone in 135-mile marathon--including himself: "On July 12, in 24 hours, 36 minutes and eight seconds, the Seattle man won the Badwater, one of ultrarunning's toughest events. Before the California race, Jurek had never run more than 90 minutes on pavement. Nor had he trained for the intense desert heat, except for arriving a week early to the Death Valley start area. And, he'd just come off of winning another world-class ultramarathon two weeks earlier -- barely any recovery time between two colossally demanding endurance feats."

For food, Jurek, a vegan, ate energy bars and gels, potatoes and rice balls, chased by soy protein drinks and electrolyte capsules. He consumed 60-120 calories every 20-30 minutes, mostly on the run.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Donald Watson - Vegan Society Founder

donald Watson- Founder of The Vegan Society

Donald Watson formed the word vegan from the begining and end of "vegetarian" and founded The Vegan Society in November 1944.

Donald Watson - Vegan Society Founder:

Interview with Donald Watson founder and patron of The Vegan Society by Vegan Society Trustee and Author of The Vegan Passport George D. Rodger on 15 December 2002. First published in The Vegan Summer 2003 Edition. This extract from

"Q: What do you think of the way the Vegan Society has developed since you were running it?
A: Better than expected, certainly. The genie is now out of the bottle and no one can ever put it back to the ignorant days before 1944, when this seed was planted by people full of hope. Now wherever Man lives he can have a vegan diet. All the early work was done by volunteers. In a way, everyone the Society has ever paid to do the office work have all been volunteers. Even our Chief Executive is on a wage at the very bottom of anything that is paid in the commercial sector. Because we can afford nothing more. So the Vegan Society has always, in that sense, been supported by voluntary labour. And we're enormously grateful to these people because heaven knows what would happen if they all packed in. "

More - 24 Carrot Award * * Joanne Stepaniak
* The Vegan Society * Vegan Birthday - World Vegan Day

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Sam McCreesh 15 year old vegan celebrity

Sam McCreesh star quality celebrity vegan at only 15 - Rutland

Sam McCreesh.

Only 15 years of age an already he has award winning websites and a vegetarian guide to Rutland! What a star!

Stamford Today: News,: "Since he first became aware of animal rights issues and gave up eating meat seven months ago, the Uppingham Community College pupil has done all he can for the cause.

He campaigns against animal experimentation, intensive farming and bloodsports, and supports wildlife conservation, animal rescue and welfare organisations. In that time he has also lobbied the Prime Minister, set up library displays, become involved with street stalls and written articles for vegetarian publications.

And after giving up dairy products in March to become a fully-fledged vegan, Sam began working on a guide to vegetarian food in Rutland.

The newly published handbook, launched both in print and on line, is designed to help fellow veggies make the most of the county.

Sam, of Braunston Road, Knossington, said: 'The idea was also to make shops, restaurants and businesses think about what they are offering to vegetarians and vegans, and to help promote the area to the vegetarian community.'

He said he was pleased with the response and hopes the guide will grow. An internet version of it is available at For more information contact

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Avril Lavinge Vegan - Doesn't Eat Garbage.

skater chick and punk ozzie osborne lookalike avril Lavigne from Garbage is a healthy Vegan she says in OK mag

Avril Lavinge gets engaged: Ozzie Osbourne lookalike Punk Rock Princess Avril Lavigne Doesn't eat Garbage "It may come as a surprise that the punk pop princess, who has gained a party girl image over the past few months, is settling down. However, Avril recently explained that appearances may be deceiving. I'm on a vegan diet, I do yoga every day, I work out, I'm totally spiritual,' she said. 'I'm completely opposite of what everyone thinks I am.'"

Avril on MTV * Avril Lavigne Fan Site * Avril on VH1 * Turbulent

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Vegan 'Man the hunted' not 'Man the Hunter' New Book

Robert W. Sussman, Ph.D Dr. Donna Hart Ph.D. in Biological Anthropology from
<br />Washington University in 2000. now St. Louis Anthropology

Kansas City infoZine - 'Man the Hunter' Theory Is Debunked in New Book - USA: "Since the 1924 discovery of the first early humans, australopithicenes, which lived from seven million years ago to two million years ago, many scientists theorized that those early human ancestors were hunters and possessed a killer instinct.

Despite popular theories posed in research papers and popular literature, early man was not an aggressive killer, argues Robert W. Sussman, Ph.D., professor of anthropology in Arts & Sciences.

Sussman's book, "Man the Hunted: Primates, Predators and Human Evolution," poses a new theory, based on the fossil record and living primate species, that primates have been prey for millions of years, a fact that greatly influenced the evolution of early man.

The idea of "Man the Hunter" is the generally accepted paradigm of human evolution, says Sussman, who recently served as editor of American Anthropologist. "It developed from a basic Judeo-Christian ideology of man being inherently evil, aggressive and a natural killer. In fact, when you really examine the fossil and living non-human primate evidence, that is just not the case."

Studying the fossil evidence

"Australopithecus afarensis was probably quite strong, like a small ape," Sussman says. Adults ranged from around 3 to 5 feet and they weighed 60-100 pounds. They were basically smallish bipedal primates. Their teeth were relatively small, very much like modern humans, and they were fruit and nut eaters.

But what Sussman and Hart discovered is that Australopithecus afarensis was not dentally pre-adapted to eat meat. "It didn't have the sharp shearing blades necessary to retain and cut such foods," Sussman says. "These early humans simply couldn't eat meat. If they couldn't eat meat, why would they hunt?"

It was not possible for early humans to consume a large amount of meat until fire was controlled and cooking was possible. Sussman points out that the first tools didn't appear until two million years ago. And there wasn't good evidence of fire until after 800,000 years ago. "In fact, some archaeologists and paleontologists don't think we had a modern, systematic method of hunting until as recently as 60,000 years ago," he says.

Robert W. Sussman, Ph.D * Book Man the Hunted * Science Daily * Press Release * Donna Hart

Monday, June 27, 2005

Oldest Vegan in the World. The Ice Man

Iceman is oldest known vegan in the world

Seems someone got there before Donald Watson who coined the phrase vegan in 1944 and set up the Vegan Society. | Mummies: "From a find in the Alps in 1991, an ice man quickly became famous in archaeological circles. Found frozen, a natural mummy, the ice man is believed to have been either a shaman or a hunter and he is estimated to be close to 5,000 years old.
In order to find out more about the traveller, Macko ran a piece of hair taken from the sample through a mass spectrometer to find the relative abundance of carbon-13 and carbon-12, as well as nitrogen-15 and nitrogen-14. These criteria will tell Macko what types of food Oetzi ate.
Using this form of analysis, Macko can distinguish between vegetable- and animal-based foods, marine and terrestrial foods. In fact, there is even a way to tell corn from wheat, which is invaluable in determining where a people may have come from, and what they ate along the way.

In the case of the ice man - he was believed to be a vegan. Whether or not it was by choice can't be determined with Macko's scientific tools."

Tatoos on his skin were thought to prove he was also a fan of acupuncture.

Further research suggested that there were traces of goat in his stomach leading vegans to believe that after visting an tyrolean fast food restaurant he hade discovered that the McYeti-Yougotit burger was not as he had mistranslated made of tofu and micoprotein but actually Italian Mounted Goat. The poor devil had literally choked on his supper when he realised.

It is believed he belonged to an agricultural community based on the cereal grains found not just on his garments but recovered from his colon which contained bran of the primitive wheat Einkorn.

More at BBC

Telegraph. Research on Otzi has revealed much information about Neolithic man. Analysis of his hair revealed he was most likely a vegan.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Vegan Bodybuilder - Kenneth G. Williams

vegan Body Builder Kenneth Williams - former footballer

Kenneth finished 1st in his division and 3rd overall in the 2004 Natural Olympia on November 13, 2004. Kenneth showed the world that meat and animal products are not necessary to be strong and athletic. Kenneth is a former football player. In addition to preparing for a vigorous competition schedule this fall, Kenneth trains people to live a fit and health life and acts as a spokesperson for In Defense of Animals, an animal advocacy group. "After September 11, Kenneth, like many other Americans, changed his profession and realigned his goals to reflect his dreams. Kenneth returned to the fitness industry. For the next year and a half Kenneth trained others to help them live a healthier and more fit life. Kenneth's personal workouts became intense and a fellow trainer, who noticed Kenneth's symmetry and strength, recommended that Kenneth try competing in Natural Bodybuilding events.

Kenneth heeded this advice and competed for the first time in September 2003 in The World Natural Bodybuilding Championships. Kenneth won and set his sites upon becoming the World's Greatest Bodybuilder and Vegan Athlete.With three- second place finishes in 2004, Kenneth qualified for Team USA and competed in november in the Natural Olympia.

Kenneth competed in the Natural Olympia on November 13, 2004 in Las Vegas.Kenneth finished first in his division and third in the overall. As America's first Professional Vegan Bodybuilder, Kenneth attracted huge media attention as he competed against the Greatest Bodybuilders in the World. "

Vegetarian Athlete shot put ace defies coach physics

Vegetarian Thrower Gets Big for Gauchos :: Freshman set to compete at USA Junior Nationals: "Vegetarian Freshman set to compete at USA Junior Nationals "

Vegetarian shot put hero athlete thwarts coaches predictions using high carb diet of pasta and bagels and gains weight to throw in USA Junior Nationals.

vegetarian shot put ace athlete
Vegetarian Thrower Gets Big for Gauchos : "Each Track & Field discipline requires one to master different capacities of the human body. The sprints display speed and power, the distance events demonstrate endurance, the jumps show hang time and the throws exhibit strength and coordination. A Track & Field athlete must specifically identify, develop and train specific muscle groups in such a way that it gets the most out of a narrowly defined motion.

Barkley knew what effort it would take to compete at the Division I level and in a tough Big West throws conference. Coming in as a freshman just under 200 pounds he was powerful but not big enough to maximize his own personal strength. Throws coach John Dagata and Barkley identified that he would need to get bigger to accomplish his goals at UCSB.

However, being a vegetarian Dagata had his reservations about his ability to do so. 'Well, I told him he needed to get bigger but I did not think he would do what he did so fast without eating meat. I have never worked with a vegetarian so I did not think about his options for gaining weight. I'm thinking he sits around and eats vegetables all day long.'

Barkley decided to become a vegetarian eight years ago. 'My older brother stopped eating meat and I followed suit. I decided I did not want to support the meat industry due to certain values I hold,' Barkley commented. He went about putting on the weight methodically. "

Monday, June 20, 2005

Vegan Poet - Benjamin Zephaniah

fit vegan poet benjamin Zephaniah runs a mini marathon every day

A Poet Called Benjamin Zephaniah: "Vegan Steven
(from 'A Little Book of Vegan Poems')
There was a young vegan
Called Steven,
Who just would not kill for no reason,
This kid would not eat
No cheese or no meat
And he hated the foxhunting season."

Congressman Dennis Kucinich: Vegan

Dennis Kucinich vegan Congressman, presidential candidate, mayor

Dennis Kucinich: Insight and Action (Home Page): "the United States National Health Insurance Act is the key legislation calling for single-payer universal health care - Medicare for All - introduced by Rep. John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI) and co-sponsored by Dennis Kucinich. 39 other cosponsors have signed onto the bill"

Congressman Kucinich is one of the few vegans in Congress, a dietary decision he credits not only with improving his health, but in deepening his belief in the sacredness of all species. In the 106th Congress, his call for labeling and safety testing of all genetically engineered foods provoked a $50 million advertising campaign by the biotech industry.

“I became a vegan out of love,” he says, referring to Yelena Boxer, a long-term girlfriend who introduced him to the vegan diet, adding: “I feel healthy. I have a lot more energy, more stamina.”

Lola hands Dennis a "vegans taste better" T Shirt

Fiona Oakes- Vegan Firefighter & Marathon runner

Fiona Oakes Tower Hill Stables, Marathon Runner and Firefighter

Fiona: "I have been vegetarian since the age of 8 & for the past 20 years a Vegan"

"My philosophy is that I am privileged to be able to care for my animals, I do not regard them as my property. I do not attach a financial value to any of them. I try to allow them to interact with each other, where appropriate, in as natural environment as possible with me being there as the overseer & carer".

Fiona ran a brilliant race in The London Marathon to come 30th in a time of 2 hours 49 ! Fiona was wearing her "Vegan Runners" top and as she ran alone up the Mall there were thousands of people shouting "Come on Vegan" which was brilliant.

Saving sick turkeys is just another day in the life of Fiona Oakes, who also finds time to work as a retained fire fighter.

Pictures BBC Fiona Vegan Awards

Natalie Portman vegan


Natalie Portman Biography | Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith | Bio | Picture | Garden State | Photo | Closer: "Natalie Portman is a vegan and has been since she was 8 years old."

"I've wanted to be an astronaut, a doctor, a vet - these are things I've said in interviews. Before that, I wanted to be a mermaid and a fairy."

"My dad's a doctor, and when I was 8, I went to one of his medical conferences where they were demonstrating laser surgery on a chicken. I was so mad that a chicken had to die, I never ate meat again."

– Sassy (USA) – March, 1996

"Cutting out gelatin was hard for me—giving up Gummy Worms and Jell-O. I hated that!"

– Vanity Fair (USA) – May, 1999

"I couldn't be anorexic because I like food too much, and I couldn't be bulimic because I hate throwing up too much"

– You (UK) – September, 1999

"When I was younger I thought 'I'm gonna change the world!'"

– Sain Unlimited (USA) – September, 2000

"I actually tried my first cigarette last year at school. I just figured, if many people are smoking, there must be something to it, and before I pooh-pooh it I should at least know what it's about. I took one puff and I was like, OK, I was right. There's nothing to it. They're just wrong – it's disgusting"

– Allure (USA) – May, 2002

Has been a strict vegetarian since the age of 8. She practices what is called "Vegan Vegetarianism."



World Vegetarian And Vegan News: May 2005: "
GWYNETH PALTROW and her husband CHRIS MARTIN gave their daughter APPLE a feast to remember for her recent first birthday party, when they feted her with vegan dishes.
Friends and relatives - including Paltrow's mother BLYTHE DANNER - gathered at the couple's New York City townhouse on 14 May (05) for a range of vegan dishes catered by Teany, a local eatery co-owned by MOBY.

Co-owner KELLY TISDALE says, 'Gwyn wanted to personalise the cake, so she had a big apple made out of raspberry puree on the vegan cheesecake.' '

Greg Chappell Vegan Cricket Ace Quotes

vegan Greg Chappell

World Vegetarian And Vegan News: May 2005: "In his book 'Health and Fitness', Chappell says that giving up meat and dairy products in favour of healthier foods like soya and vegetables made him feel stronger and healthier.

''We are the only species of animal on earth that still consumes milk products after being weaned. To make things worse, we do not even consume our own milk products but get them from another kind of animal,'' Chappell wrote in his book.

''Dairy milk is a perfectly balanced food for calves but for nothing else. It does contain certain nutrients, but it also contains things which do us much more harm than the nutrients do us good,'' he said. "

James Yorkston Singer Songwriter Scotland

vegan singer songwriter from scotland

International News, Vegetarian and Vegan Worldwide News Feed: "Guardian Unlimited Arts Friday Review Folk beliefs: 'On the Saturday morning that we meet, James Yorkston is suffering. The Fife-born singer-songwriter, whose gruff manner stands at odds with his beautifully melancholic and delicate music, was out drinking the night before. He makes a cup of black tea and reveals himself, surprisingly, to be a vegan. I comment that he doesn't look like one: vegans don't usually have ruddy complexions and burly builds. 'I drink a lot of beer,' he says by way of explanation.' "

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Vegan is the new Black

After 60 years of ridicule, Vegan is the New Black

Even though the word Vegan is considered a taboo, dirty word by the UK tabloid newspapers, veganism is reaching out and inspiring people all over the world like never before in it’s 60 year history.

Tony Bishop-Weston Author of ‘Vegan’ by Hamlyn says “A journalist from one of the top UK tabloids told me that their editor had banned them from using the word ‘vegan’ as it was too scary for their readers. All health and beauty stories have to be dumbed down to use the word vegetarian instead of vegan. ‘Herb tea’ was also on the taboo list.”

Vegan is the new black

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