Monday, June 05, 2006

John Mackey: Vegan CEO Of Whole Foods Market

John Mackey: Not Your Average Grocer, Dan Rather Profiles The Founder And Vegan CEO Of Whole Foods Market - CBS News

John Mackey vegan CEO of Whole Foods Market who took over UK Fresh and Wild

At the age of 52, John Mackey has become that big man on campus in corporate America, running a Fortune 500 company.

Yet, in one of the most competitive industries, Mackey's unorthodox approach has transformed Whole Foods Market into a business worth about $9 billion. In the last five years alone, the company's stock has grown faster than such powerhouses as eBay, Yahoo and Microsoft. And he has done it by creating a supermarket unlike any other.

"Shopping for groceries for most people is like a chore," says Mackey. "It's like doing the laundry or taking out the garbage. And we strive to make shopping engaging, fun and interactive."

Monday, May 15, 2006

Da Vinci Da Vegan

Leonardo Da Vinci a vegan and follower of Da Vegan Code

The Da Vegan Code: "O Draconian Devil - Leonardo Da Vinci: 'It is apparent from the works of Leonardo and his early biographers that he was a man of high integrity and very sensitive to moral issues. His respect for life led him to being a vegetarian at least part of his life (although, the term 'vegan' would fit him well, he even entertained the notion that taking milk from cows amounts to stealing. Under the heading, 'Of the beasts from whom cheese is made,' he answers, 'the milk will be taken from the tiny children.' Citation needed). Vasari reports a story that as a young man in Florence he often bought caged birds just to release them. He was also a respected judge on matters of beauty and elegance, particularly in the creation of pageants.'"

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Vegan wins kickboxing Title

vegan kickboxing champion

Raw food vegan wins British kickboxing competition

London 10 April 2006 --- James Southwood of North London, a vegan of ten years and more recently of a raw food diet, defeated all opposition at the British Savate kickboxing League in March.

Boxe-Francaise Savate is a ring fighting art that uses fists and feet in quick, athletic strikes. To win, a fighter must be skilled, aware, physically fit and flexible. At the recent Great Britain Savate Federation League meeting, held in Cambridge on 19th March, James won all his fights to lead the field in ranking points. James chooses the raw food vegan diet for its optimum health-giving edge.

"Training five times a week as hard as a professional athlete, I need the right sort of nutrition." says James. "I would feel less able to do this without the nutrients available on a raw food diet and the health and well-being it provides.

As any of my opponents will tell you, my fitness and endurance are my big advantages in a fight. As I don't weigh myself down with unnecessary animal products or processed food, working flat out in the ring or in training is no problem."

At 186cm and 80kg, James is perfectly weighted for his height (BMI of 23).

With the World Championships in Paris a distinct possibility for James in September, how will he be preparing?

"Bodyweight exercises plus lots of sparring on the physical side - lots of green veg, fruit and nuts on the nutrition side, along with relaxation and meditation."

Anyone doubting the vegan role in optimum fitness is invited to train and spar with James five times a week in Camden, Holborn and London Victoria.

More information on Savate and classes in London can be found on

Personal training with James is offered on along with kickboxing fitness tips.