Sunday, May 10, 2009

Now Star Trek Diets to Fight against Pig Flu

star trek diet to fight against pig swine flu
There will be no room for star trek pigs who would compete for space, air, water and food and cause waste and pollution problems due to their excrements and flatulence (and be a constant worry about H1N1 swine flu).

If Star Trek fantasies are ever to become a reality then the food dilemma has to be sorted first. It’s thought tomorrow’s Star Trek Space explorers will have to be self-sustaining farmers, growing enough plant foods such as fresh greens and vegetables to provide optimum nutrition for long journeys.

As the cost of sending equipment into space is estimated to be around $30,000 per pound, plants will have to also earn their keep by filtering and cleaning Star Trek air and water supplies.

Many experts suggest we should be looking more closely at an ethical Star Trek diet for planet earth as we approach environmental catastrophe due to our greed for animal food. Other experts have suggested it’s immoral for us to be feeding grain and water to pigs when there are so many people on the planet starving or dying from dehydration from lack of water.

Star Trek food boost protection for swine flu h1n1

The World Health Organisation and ex Beatle Sir Paul McCartney have urged us to just try vegetarianism even if it’s just once a week. McCartney has helped launch the concept of Meat Out Mondays all over the world as an ethical first step.

Despite the mountain of environmental evidence in favour of a plant based vegetarian Star Trek diet, the modern cornucopia of realistic alternative choice to meat and dairy products and the health risks it’s estimated over 50% of the population still eat meat more than once a week.

Health writer and nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston says “Dealing with the emotional attachment to eating meat means people find their habits difficult to change. They come up with all kinds of spurious claims such as “My body needs meat!” or “I only eat organic meat”. True, we’d be unlikely to be facing a pandemic of killer swine flu this Autumn if meat was farmed organically, however, whilst organic meat is undoubtedly less harmful to our bodies and the planet, it’s more vegetables we need in our diets not more animal products. Less than a quarter of the UK population even reach the NHS’s modest suggested targets of 5 fruit and vegetable portions per day”

 Pig swine flu protection from Star Trek Diet

Things have changed dramatically in recent years. McDonalds now sell salads whilst Burger King have allegedly paid Heather Mills $6 million (since denied by Sir Paul McCartney’s ex wife) to help launch a new swine flu free vegan veggie burger.
Swiss based Tibits, a vegetarian blue blood heritage restaurant chain in London, are leading the celebrations for National Vegetarian Week 2009 that starts on Monday 18th May, and are on a mission to encourage people to eat more fruit and veg.
Tibits will host; a photo call for vegetable body art, a launch of a new plant based cookery DVD, a vegan for dummies style recipe book launch, a fashion event to view a new range of designer shoes to rival Stella McCartney’s range and other vegetarian celebrity style products as well as their banquet choice of inspired dishes that make choosing your 5 a day an immune system boosting simple delight.

The finale of National Vegetarian Week is The Bristol Vegan Fayre on 30th and 31st May that last year attracted 12,000 people

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