Monday, August 03, 2009

Kate Moss vegan boyfriend Jamie Hince Fur Horror

 Stella McCartney, Jamie Hince Kate Moss the Bunny Boiler
Kate Moss vegan boyfriend Jamie Hince furious over models rabbit fur throw -

Jamie's Drive Time
Sound's like Kate Moss is trying to ditch vegan boyfriend Jamie Hince by using fur to drive him out. Apparently 'Kate mate' hard core vegetarian Stella McCartney won't visit Kate Moss at Kate's home because of Kate's fur fetish for dead animal Skin.

Sado Masochistic Sex
The Fur is everywhere but so far vegan Jamie Hince has been able to tolerate it for the sake of regular sex with his top super model girlfriend.

However now it seems Kate Moss wants rid of her chain smoking, Rock 'n ' Rolling vegan boyfriend Jamie Hince and is provoking him by buying a rabbit skin throw for the couple's bed.

Vegan Jamie says the rabbit skin throw makes him want to throw - made from a whole warren full of rabbits stripped of their skin. Now the Rabbits have stopped hopping it's making Jamie Hopping mad and making him feel sick asa rabbit rather than eager to hop into bed with Kate.

Rabbit Rabbit

Fur loving Kate may go like a rabbit between the fur lined sheets but the rabbit rabbit on the streets is that Kate's rabbit and fur obscession is one hop too far

Bunny Boiler
It's finally dawned on Jamie that Kate Moss is not just a bunny boiler, but a bunny skinner, a bunny eater, a bunny killer, a bunny skin wearer.

Kate's home is becoming the Watership Down rabbit equivilent of a Bunny London Dungeon.

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