Thursday, September 10, 2009

Meat Free Day Heroes

Croydon Lags Behind in the UK Meat Free Day Race

Croydon Council are dragging their feet (no wonder they are the least healthy in London) but elsewhere in the UK vegan heroes are cutting through the red tape and across the winning line

Liverpool schools could be the first in the UK to go meat free one day every week encouraged by veggie Superhero Sir Paul McCartney and The Vegetarian Society

Brighton, Lancaster and Leeds are also putting a motion to the full council with help from vegan heroes Animal Aid (See www. Meat Free Monday .com )

Bristol council are being targeted by Vegetarian champions Viva's and their Fruity Funday Campaign

Meanwhile he veggie elite at Thames Valley Vegetarians have Reading Council in their sights and Happy Hippy Veggies at the Sumac Centre are targetting Nottingham Council.

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