Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Vegan Easter Eggs:

Animal Aid: Vegan Easter Eggs: Montezuma Chocolate Bunnies

vegan cadbury's cream eggs - easter eggs Yeayyyy! For all you fat bottoms out there who like, or used to like, Cadbury's creme eggs here is the vegan version.

My daughter very generously sent me a big box of chocolates from Animal Aid and there was a creme egg in there with the package. After a few seconds to get over the excitement I bit the top off and devoured it there and then in a full frenzied chocoholic maniacal episode.

Just to check it wasn't a dream, some viral induced halucinogenic attack, I checked the Animal Aid website and guess what ?? they have more - you can enjoy them too!

Now you know what to get me for Easter! x

PS They do Vegan Easter Bunnies too

vegan easter bunny easter eggs

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veganf said...

Oh my goodness! I wonder if they ship to the US!?