Sunday, June 06, 2010

Woody Harrelson Scores Winning Goal In Charity Soccer Game

Woody Harrelson Scores Winning Goal In Socceraid Charity Soccer Game

Go Woody ! Go Woody! Not content with being a celebrity movie star raw vegan Woody Harrelson is now a World Cup Football legend after scoring the winning goal in the Unicef Football Socceraid soccer match.

His fans were freaking out that he'd died after seeing woody harrelson ( and harellson and harrellson) trending on twitter and wondering what the hell was happening. Not bad becoming a football legend at 48 huh?

David Beckham eat your heart out! Sorry, no, - that was Woody's last movie - Zombieland ?


Brentter said...

hahaha.. score one for the gipper.. and yeah, i think zombieland was his last one.... clever use of the reference btw

Tony - FoodsforLife said...

Well we hope not Woody's LAST one, I mean I realise Mr Harrelson now an international soccer star but we hope to see him in another movie Soom - I don't think Zombieland was bad enough to finish off Woody's film career for good?