Monday, September 06, 2010

JANET STREET-PORTER: meat's the deadliest drug

JANET STREET-PORTER: Yes, junk food is addictive - but meat's the deadliest drug | Mail Online: Sound's like Stella McCartney's mate Janet Street Porter is finally getting worn down by vegetarian logic and reason.

Last time I saw Janet Street Porter she was salivating at the prospect of a horse being chopped up for her dinner by Jamie Oliver/ Gordon Ramsay / Hugh fernley Wittingstall or some other mass murdering UK celebrity chef.

So quite unnerving to read her repeating Stella's words in the Daily Mail "You're not seriously going to tell me eating animals that have been given chemical-enhanced, growth-promoting feed will actually improve your health? "

Don't get excited - she isn't actually saying don't eat meat - just telling people to stop moaning about the cost - it should be expensive and a luxury she explains.

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