Wednesday, May 23, 2012

John Norrish Huntsman, Head of Hounds, Tiverton Staghounds

Rapist in a scarlet jacket: Whisky-swilling grandfather with an eye for young women whose drunken attack at a black-tie ball sparked civil war in the society stag hunt that revered him | Mail Online

John Norrish - Vegan Hero
Thanks John Norrish for standing up in the National Press to expose to the UK the hypocrisy, arrogance and bullyboy conceit that abounds and flourishes in the hunt fraternity that believe they are above the law.

Not just laws on foxhunting disobeyed but clearly they believe UK drinking and driving and rape laws are just for lesser mortals too.

Well done to John for also for flushing out another 200 deluded individuals who, while Norrish was awaiting trial, attended a ‘testimonial meet’ in the stunning deer park at Castle Hill near Tiverton to mark his retirement at the end of the hunting season. Hundreds turned out to the event, giving voluntary cash ‘subscriptions’ which were presented to Norrish at a dinner for 200 held in his honour at the Tiverton Hotel organised by senior hunt members

Many thanks John for putting the C back in Hunt. We salute you. 

Heartfelt wishes to the very brave lady you abused but who had the courage to stand up to you, your despicable behaviour and your cronies for the sake of decency and equality.

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