Thursday, June 23, 2005

Vegan Bodybuilder - Kenneth G. Williams

vegan Body Builder Kenneth Williams - former footballer

Kenneth finished 1st in his division and 3rd overall in the 2004 Natural Olympia on November 13, 2004. Kenneth showed the world that meat and animal products are not necessary to be strong and athletic. Kenneth is a former football player. In addition to preparing for a vigorous competition schedule this fall, Kenneth trains people to live a fit and health life and acts as a spokesperson for In Defense of Animals, an animal advocacy group. "After September 11, Kenneth, like many other Americans, changed his profession and realigned his goals to reflect his dreams. Kenneth returned to the fitness industry. For the next year and a half Kenneth trained others to help them live a healthier and more fit life. Kenneth's personal workouts became intense and a fellow trainer, who noticed Kenneth's symmetry and strength, recommended that Kenneth try competing in Natural Bodybuilding events.

Kenneth heeded this advice and competed for the first time in September 2003 in The World Natural Bodybuilding Championships. Kenneth won and set his sites upon becoming the World's Greatest Bodybuilder and Vegan Athlete.With three- second place finishes in 2004, Kenneth qualified for Team USA and competed in november in the Natural Olympia.

Kenneth competed in the Natural Olympia on November 13, 2004 in Las Vegas.Kenneth finished first in his division and third in the overall. As America's first Professional Vegan Bodybuilder, Kenneth attracted huge media attention as he competed against the Greatest Bodybuilders in the World. "

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