Thursday, June 23, 2005

Vegetarian Athlete shot put ace defies coach physics

Vegetarian Thrower Gets Big for Gauchos :: Freshman set to compete at USA Junior Nationals: "Vegetarian Freshman set to compete at USA Junior Nationals "

Vegetarian shot put hero athlete thwarts coaches predictions using high carb diet of pasta and bagels and gains weight to throw in USA Junior Nationals.

vegetarian shot put ace athlete
Vegetarian Thrower Gets Big for Gauchos : "Each Track & Field discipline requires one to master different capacities of the human body. The sprints display speed and power, the distance events demonstrate endurance, the jumps show hang time and the throws exhibit strength and coordination. A Track & Field athlete must specifically identify, develop and train specific muscle groups in such a way that it gets the most out of a narrowly defined motion.

Barkley knew what effort it would take to compete at the Division I level and in a tough Big West throws conference. Coming in as a freshman just under 200 pounds he was powerful but not big enough to maximize his own personal strength. Throws coach John Dagata and Barkley identified that he would need to get bigger to accomplish his goals at UCSB.

However, being a vegetarian Dagata had his reservations about his ability to do so. 'Well, I told him he needed to get bigger but I did not think he would do what he did so fast without eating meat. I have never worked with a vegetarian so I did not think about his options for gaining weight. I'm thinking he sits around and eats vegetables all day long.'

Barkley decided to become a vegetarian eight years ago. 'My older brother stopped eating meat and I followed suit. I decided I did not want to support the meat industry due to certain values I hold,' Barkley commented. He went about putting on the weight methodically. "

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